Ditching the “girly” baby gear

Is your significant other of military or first responder background?

Then you are going to want to read more into this…

Tactical Baby Gear is a dad made company that does exactly that, makes things for dads. When I first found out I was pregnant I was looking in to different “Tulas” and “Liliebaby” carriers, trying to find one that was “gender neutral.” Not only for the boy that I was carrying but for his daddy as well.

Well I kept showing my husband different carriers and saying things like “oh this one is a good one, it’s solid black” or “how about this one it is blue and grey?” And he kept saying things like “yeah it’s okay” or “if that’s what you want babe.” I knew that he wasn’t about to carry around a bright baby carrier and I really really wanted him to get into babywearing as much as I knew I would be.

When I was about 6 months pregnant I decided on what carrier I wanted and one of my best friends bought it for me for my baby shower. Well it was what I thought was “gender neutral” and I loved it (black with white polka dots). I get home from lunch with my friend and I show him the carrier and he said “uhh that’s cute.” And I knew right then that he wouldn’t wear it. My heart was crushed because how could I talk this man into wearing something that I feel is so important.

And that’s when I stumbled across TBG!

I went on to the website tacticalbabygear.com and I knew that he would be in heaven if I showed him these. The quote on the bottom of the description said

Why use a baby carrier designed with anything less than military-like efficiency and ruggedness at its core? Don’t. Dad Life is tough; make sure your baby carrier is equally as tough. -TBG

So I decided not to show him. I talked with my in laws and my parents and his friends about getting together some money to buy him this carrier (it is black camo). They all agreed that Jeremy would be in love once he saw how it looked.

This was the best gift idea for this new dad to be!! When he opened it, he put it on right away! He was in love.

Flash forward 18 months. My husband still baby wears our son everywhere in his carrier. I got what I wanted (a dad who would wear his baby) and my husband got what he wanted (a carrier that was meant for dads). All thanks to TBG.

It wasn’t long after that my husband decided that he didn’t want to carrier my girlie diaper bag anymore. So now we have the FULL LOAD OUT 2.0 TACTICAL BAG SET (see below). Which matches his carrier (black camo) and comes with

  • Diaper bag
  • Changing mat
  • Bottle pouch
  • Wipes pouch
  • Stroller straps (life savers)
  • Daddy & mommy patches
  • Tactical teddy bear and Velcro numbers
  • & Carabiners

What a STEAL!!

The people behind the company are what make the company. They are beyond approachable and super nice!! They offer a warranty for the lifetime of your gear for defects. They also, offer military and first responders discounts !!!

This company is amazing and I would absolutely HIGHLY recommend it to any of my dads to be out there.

So mamas, if you are still reading…

Please take a look into this amazing company. You will not be disappointed.

With love,

Erin & Jax

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