Let us talk about sleep..

Jax has been a good sleeper on and off.

When we brought him home from the hospital he slept in bed with me swaddled in his “Dock a tot.” By 4 weeks old he was sleeping from 10pm to 5am in his bassinet next to me. Boy, was I lucky or what?!

Or what… by the time he hit the four month sleep regression, everything I thought was going well went right down the drain.

You know that saying “never talk about how well your baby sleeps.” Yeah, we learned that the hard way!!

We tried co-sleeping, nursing to sleep, rocking to sleep, and the cry it out method. Nothing, I mean nothing, worked.

It wasn’t until we got the “WOOLINO– 4 seasons sleeping bag that my husband and I both got a good nights rest.

Jaxon went from being up every two to three hours to sleeping the whole night away!

My husband thought it was a “conspiracy.” Said that he just decided one day that he was going to sleep through the night. So we did a test… we used the bag for a whole week and Jaxon did not wake up from 8:30pm-6:30am. Then we went ONE night without it.. Guess what.. Jaxon was up every THREE hours. Safe to say that now my husband is on board as well!

I don’t know what it is about this sleeping bag but it has changed our whole house dynamic. A happy house is a well rested house.

Woolino sleeping bags are made from 100% natural breathing fibers that contain no synthetic filling.

If you are looking for a safe and truly amazing product, you should check out http://www.woolino.com/#_l_45!

With love,

Erin & Jax 🖤

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