Why cloth?

That is the first question I receive once people realize that Jaxon wears cloth diapers.

We didn’t start off in cloth. Actually I had no clue that I wanted to do cloth at all. I had a diaper raffle at my baby shower and received enough diapers to probably diaper him from birth until two years old.

When Jax was born he had super sensitive skin and he kept getting diaper rashes. Not just normal redness but blisters on his behind. I looked into many different brands, including the natural ones. Nothing seemed to work.

Well I talked to a good friend of mine who also cloth diapers her babe. She said “Erin come over tomorrow and I’ll show you what I have and you can decide.” I said “Okay Rikki, but I can almost guarantee that I am not going to do the work that goes into cloth diapers!!”

So I went over to her house and she showed me her “Smart Bottoms” stash. She showed me an on the go (OTG) wet bag and a hanging wet bag. She also showed me how she tri-folds the diaper for her boy (there are many ways to fold an all in one). I was interested but not yet sold.

She sent me home with FOUR diapers and told me try it out.

That night I went home and washed the diapers, and ordered two cheap wet bags off amazon. I put the diapers on Jax and automatically he peed right through it! I was so mad!! I called Rikki and said “these things don’t work!” She FaceTimed me and we fixed how I folded the diaper for the next round.

I got my husband on board with the idea. He said he doesn’t care what we do but he would not be washing any diapers if this was the route that I chose. He didn’t mind changing them but he was not about to wash them! I agreed with him and told him that was fine. Next thing you know, I have orders coming to the door each day! I needed this print and that print. I wanted it all (who wouldn’t, they are so cute)! I then returned all of my disposable diapers to Target for a store credit!

Then I started to by the different sizes of the wet bags, then the matching headbands, then the bibs, and the blankets!! And that’s where the obsession began.

We are completely loyal to SMART BOTTOMS in this household. The “dream- all in one” works the best for us. Jaxon has not had a rash since we moved to cloth. He is much less irritable and doesn’t mind diaper changes.

Jaxon was two months old when we started using cloth. We started with the four diapers, and now we have WELL over one hundred. It has become more than “diapers,” it is friendships and making connections with like-minded mamas.

I now try to be super eco-friendly in everything that we do. We only have one planet so we better take of it! Ya know?!

If you are on the fence about cloth or want to know more, please feel free to ask me any questions! Because without the questions I asked my girlfriend, I would have no clue about this greatness (Thanks Rikki)!!

With love,

Erin & Jax 🖤

“Diapers in the laundry, not in a landfill”

4 thoughts on “Why cloth?

  1. I’m so happy you found something you are so passionate about ! That is also so great for the environment . Jax is soooo cute in his smart bottoms and the matching headbands you wear totally complete every look! I’m excited to continue to follow your journey !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Without you asking your questions I wouldn’t have my own little stash started. So glad you introduced me to SB for our newest addition!


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