What does it mean to be crunchy?!

When you say you’re a crunchy mom what does that mean? What does it mean to be semi-crunchy or not crunchy at all?

1. ORGANIC: From farm to table. Yes, I try very hard to find all organic foods but sometimes Jaxon just wants a Cheeto and that is perfectly fine with me. It is not every meal that he eats something organic or that he doesn’t. It just depends on where we are and what is going on in that moment.

2. CLOTH DIAPERS: meaning no disposables ever?! Yeah right! When I went to Cali for a week to visit a friend who didn’t have a washer in house, we did not use cloth diapers. At that time disposables were quicker and more convenient. But when we are home or any other time of the year, we are obsessed with our cloth diapers from “Smart Bottoms.”

3. VACCINATIONS: A lot of “crunchy” moms do not agree with them but we in our household wholeheartedly think that they are 100% necessary!

4. COCONUT OIL: They cure to all things! Diaper rash, coconut oil. Dry scalp, coconut oil. Need to cook, coconut oil!

5. BED SHARING: Not for everyone, worked well for our family of three but I understand why people choose not to do it! Once Jaxon was rolling around and taking up more space than both the adults in the bed, it was time for him to move!!

6. BREAST OR BOTTLE: Does it matter if the baby is FED?! Nope it sure doesn’t! Jax was breast fed until 11 months when he decided that he no longer wanted to work for his milk and wanted a bottle. Was I upset? Heck yes!! But did it matter that he would be on formula for a little while? No way! He is as healthy and happy as any other little dude!

7. NATURAL BIRTH: I wanted to go to a birthing center so badly. And my husband would ask me all the “what if” questions that I was trying not to think of. So we went to the hospital and I got pain meds! Does that make me less of a mom?! No! Does it make me feel bad?! Nope!! What matters is that he came into this world with a family who was going to love him no matter what.

8. BABY WEARING: When you run into the grocery store, do you throw on a ring sling? When you go to an amusement park, do you use your Uppa baby?! Baby wearing is something that I as well as Jaxon throughly enjoy. It’s not for every mom or baby and if you don’t like it then that doesn’t make you less of a mom!!

I call myself a “semi crunchy mom” because I do a lot of these things. I do not go to the extreme on either end but I would say that I am more crunchy than not. I love essential oils, organic cleaning supplies, glass bottles and cloth diapers. But I also believe in vaccines and playing with plastic toys!

Do whatever you want to do, but do it with love!! ❤️

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