Hello beautiful

My name is Erin and I have a 13 month old little dude named Jaxon.

Jax and I live in Tampa, Florida and really enjoy it. We have annual passes to all the theme parks around and enjoy spending quality time together.

My husbands name is Jeremy and we met the summer of 2014 at a concert and it has been an adventure ever since.

I am a 4th grade teacher who loves what she does. I have been teaching for 5 years now. Each year I enjoy it more and more.

Jaxon is 13 months old and a very adventurous little guy. He is always laughing and has a smile that is beyond contagious. He loves anything that has to do with animals and water! He is cloth diapered by Smart bottoms and smart bottoms only (we’re obsessed)!

We also have a fur baby that we love with our whole hearts. Her name is Lucy and she is Jaxon’s best friend!

What else can I share about me so that way you can get to know me better??

• I love to cook home cooked meals when I have the time

I love to have my family over and host family dinners/ game nights

I am fluent in sarcasm

• I am a lover of all things wine and coffee related!

• I am obsessed with all things natural and being a crunchy mom.

Reading still?!

Great!!! I don’t have all the answers and really am just winging this thing called motherhood. I will give you all that I know on this journey we are on together!

With love,

Erin & Jax

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